The Visual Language is Innate

It is often said, “I see,” meaning one realizes or one understands. In this case, it is more about a new awareness and information gathered in response to an experience or new information.

Perception, as you know, is happèning on so many levels. The mind is taking in so much data in any particular moment. The universe is unlimited, whether we look at the microscopic or macroscopic, it is endless. Sometimes, images look uncannily the same, wondering is it through a microscope or a telescope?

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

“The term visual language in relation to vision describes the perception, comprehension, and production of visible signs. Just as people can verbalize their thinking, they can visualize it.” — Josiah Kahane

What I have learned over the years of meditating as a student at The Brahma Kumaris, is to finely tune my perception. On all levels. The study is to retrain the mind to a fresher world view. From a being of physical perception to that of being perception itself.

As a non-physical being of perection, observing a seemingly physical scene of life, I can navigate with more understanding, contentment and joy if I can perceive with the visual language restored and brought to consciousness.

Photo by Tim Graf on Unsplash

The visual language is innate, but many have been trained out of it. In a text driven school in business environment visuals are seen as decoration rather than essential to communication. Visuals can capture abstractions beneath the surface that it would take many many words to describe one image.

Visual Language as a Planning and Strategic Tool
“As valuable as it is for conveying complex information, visual language is much more than a communication tool. It is also a management and behavioral tool that can be highly useful in creating a dialogue around organizational issues and identifying actions for improvement.”

Relearning how to speak the visual language takes time but you can do it. It is much more than using clip art to decorate a powerpoint. It will help to connect to your emotions and inner creative force.




Visual content producer facilitating interactive community art that moves powerfully thru transitions and life passages.

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C.D. Good

C.D. Good

Visual content producer facilitating interactive community art that moves powerfully thru transitions and life passages.

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